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Are you looking to make money from limited time offers or sales?

This workbook helps you cover how you can turn a timer into a cheque.

With so many deals around the holiday season, how can you reach your sale goal?

It is simple for the most part

1. Build an audience

2. Run ad campaigns

3. Target a specific group of people

4. Create an offer they can't refuse a limited time offer is any freebie, discount, deal, unique gift or offer small businesses need to take advantage of limited time offer ads to get prospects to buy their products.


Examples of limited-time offers:

• 50% off

• 60% off

• free shipping

• 90% off

• 20% off


It's not enough to say "this is a limited time offer" you have to show it.

Everything has a motive in sales.

Why do you want to have a limited time offer?

How To Create Profitable Limited Offers

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