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You have this business idea, you got a website, you've posted a couple of posts but then NOW WHAT? We feel like this way too often right? You know what you want but the next step feels like it’s more than a leap. 


Let's get real for a moment. How often have you set ambitious revenue goals for your business, only to fall short and feel like you're caught in a never-ending loop of missed opportunities and dashed dreams? It's frustrating, right?


My job is to show you how to sell more than 100 products per month without stressing, overthinking and worrying about the number of likes your Instagram posts get (because you'll be busy worrying about where to spend your profits-duhhh). "The Road To $300K" isn't just another business strategy guide. It's real life strategies that have been implemented, tested and tried. The best part about these strategies is that, there is no wrong way of doing them but there are so many ways you can improve them. 


You too could be happy with your business. Download our bundle deal today. 


Who's this bundle tailored for?

Small business owners selling candles, wellness products, beauty products, loungewear and other physical products, life coaches, dreamers with a rocket ready to shoot for the stars. If you want to increase your sales, connect with your audience so it doesn't feel you are talking to ghosts, and eliminate burnout, "The Road To $300K" is designed just for you.


"The Road To $300K" is not about promising overnight success. Instead, it's a collection of the most valuable lessons we've learned - lessons that helped us build momentum, create value, and shape success stories.


We know the feeling of "rushing" all too well. It's that impatience that drives you to make sales, finish your next project, or catapult your business into six-figure territory. But here's the truth: success is not about speed; it's about strategy.

Here’s what you‘ll learn in the road to $300k bundle.

How to create profitable marketing campaigns within 30 days

How you can make your first $100K

How to sell your product without cringing

How to launch your product in 90 days

How to market your digital product on Insta

How to diversify your income

How to create content that sells your product without trying too hard
How to work with influencers to increase your revenue and create more awareness


The Road To $300K


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