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Generational wealth is not achieved by hustling for an extra buck. It required planning, building equity, understanding that ownership sets the tone in business. Everything is about leverage. What can you afford to leverage?


Sure, subletting an apartment to put it on Airbnb sounds like an amazing income but that remains as a hustle. What happens when the lease ends and the owner doesn't want you there anymore and that's during your peak seasons? 

We don't think long term when you're hustling for the next cheque. 

But what if, and hear me out here, what if you just bought land somewhere nice and interesting. It could be somewhere closer to popular vacation spots and create a unique experience and list it on Airbnb. 


You could either create a glamping tent. You can charge your guests anywhere between $250-$650 per night and you can include a private chef, masseuse and activities like painting, board games, cycling and so much more. Your vibe and aesthetic will attract your target audience.


Or option B opts for a container home with the same experiences offered in the first option. This features container units customized to your liking. 


What can you gain from any of the options above?

Full ownership over your business. No subletting, no stress and most importantly you get to focus on growth. Airbnb already wants to look like they offer unique experiences, they want to be different from or TripAdvisor. They have an aesthetic. And with the number of hosts growing on the platform, you might want to be different. 


Your land goes up in value, allowing you to build equity, leveraging it for loans in order to expand etc etc. It becomes easier to grow your business in the long run. 

Being different isn't bad. People love to try new things out whenever they get the chance. 


Are you thinking about moving into vacation rentals?

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