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7 Valentine's Day Candle Ideas That'll Make You Laugh More Than Those Cheesy Cards: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Make your Candles Sell More Than Dinner for Two! 🕯️💘

Got a hot date? Light a candle. Mourning a breakup? Lighting a candle for prayer or just out of lightbulbs? You guessed it – light a candle! We use them for everything, so no wonder the candle biz is booming at $3.45 billion!

And hey, in this crowded market, even if you’re the small wick on the block, there's room to burn bright. Everyone has a reason to light a candle, and that's thousands of opportunities for you to brighten someone's day!

You do not have to be like everyone else. You can build a candle business that represents whatever interest you have, whether it is a certain language or an anime you’ve been watching for 3 years. Give your candles YOUR story.

7 Valentine's Day Candle Ideas That'll Make You Laugh More Than Those Cheesy Cards:

Love’s In The Air & It’s Burning: what’s that smell? Smells like BS leaving the room

A mix of smoky wood and spicy cinnamon, with a hint of sweet vanilla to balance the 'burn'.

It's Not Me, It's You: I’m clearly not the problem here.

A bold blend of peppermint and lemon, symbolizing clarity and a fresh start.

Awkward First Date: A mix of coffee and awkward silence

A quirky combination of coffee and awkward-silence musk, with a touch of sweet, hopeful floral.

Just Another Day: mama I made it!-to the couch

A comforting mix of everyday scents like fresh linen and a soft, subtle hint of green tea.

Not Another Bouquet: Are you not embarazzed?

A playful twist on floral scents, combining unexpected herbs and wildflowers.

This Candle is My Plus One: I enjoy my own company or whatever

A sophisticated blend of champagne and strawberries – celebratory and self-indulgent.

Survived Another V-Day: better the apocalypse than this

A relaxing mix of lavender and chamomile, with a hint of indulgent chocolate.

Cat Lady & Proud: Who needs dates when you have cats?

A clean, comforting blend of cotton and sandalwood, with a hint of playful catnip.

Blind Date - better than a real blind date cuz’ why??

A surprise scent!: A mystery blend that could range from exotic fruits to mysterious musk - keeping you guessing!

My Love Language is 5-Star Reviews and I want to help you get more of them. Forget Flowers, Sell These Top 9 LOL-Worthy Valentine’s Candles!

Ready to turn your candle-selling game from 'meh' to 'wow'?

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