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I wouldn’t create a specific holiday collection as a new business owner in 2024 unless…🫣🫣🫣

A No-Bull Guide to Holiday Marketing in 2024

If you're sick of the same old social media advice that's about as exciting as watching paint dry, you're in the right place. Creating a holiday collection can be a risky move for small business owners. It demands a significant investment of time and money, and the consequences of unsold inventory can be brutal. Who wants to be stuck with dead inventory and the financial burden that comes with it? Not me, and probably not you either.

So, strap in, because we're about to flip the script on traditional tactics and show you how to slay the holiday season like the boss you are.

Let's address the elephant in the room – the dreaded holiday collection. I am talking about all of it, Christmas, Valentine’s Day-all of it. You've heard the speech about how it's the golden ticket to festive fortune, but let's get real. Creating a holiday collection is like playing Russian roulette with your hard-earned cash. If it doesn't sell, you're stuck with more dead inventory than a zombie apocalypse survivor. Where's the fun in that, right?

So, what's the move, future millionaire? Buckle up, because we've got a lot of unsolicited advice coming your way.

Say goodbye to the cookie-cutter holiday collection and hello to online experiences that your audience will actually give a damn about. We're not talking about generic fluff – we're talking Thanksgiving dinner recipes for the solo warriors out there, tips on not hating matching couple on Valentine’s Day, how to embrace your inner anti-romantic, and the lowdown on gift-wrapping like a pro.

Now, here's the plot twist – sneak in your products like a ninja in the night. You sell kitchenware? Boom, feature it in those solo Thanksgiving recipes. Got a killer idea that doesn’t work well for an Instagram? Use it to create the holiday thank-you cards your customers didn't know they needed.

Want to take it a step further? Collaborate with other small businesses to enhance your online experiences. For instance, partner with a local business for holiday-themed coupon cards. This not only strengthens your connection with your community but also broadens your reach.

Now, let's talk about gift wrapping. Offer free gift wrapping with a personalized touch – it's a small investment that goes a long way in delighting your customers. Remember, it's all about creating a memorable experience that extends beyond the transaction.

If you're still itching to launch a holiday collection, let's be strategic about it. Forget the generic "holiday collection" – instead, opt for something relatable. How about an "ADULTING" collection? Forget the red and green cliché; we're rocking a dark green and red color palette that screams sophistication, allowing you to sell from December to March.

And here's the game-changer – instead of recycling the same old products with a festive bow, create something fresh. Rather than creating limited editions of existing products, develop items that complement your current offerings. For example, if you sell candles, introduce bathrobes or toiletry bags. This not only adds value to your brand but also encourages customers to envision a complete lifestyle associated with your products.

It's not just about selling products; it's about curating a damn lifestyle.

Basic Is Boring.

The key is to sell products that complement each other and fit seamlessly into your customers' lifestyles. By doing so, you create a sense of connection, making your brand a part of their everyday lives. This not only fosters customer loyalty but also acts as free advertising through word-of-mouth recommendations.

But wait, there's more! To make you the ultimate captain, I've cooked up an ebook and a couple of self-paced online class. It's all part of The Road to $300K bundle, and it's yours for the price of a fancy coffee – $25.25. I'm not promising miracles, but if you follow my crazy 3AM marketing ideas that have worked for me and like 10 other people, you might just hit six figures in 3 years. No biggie.

There you have it, fearless entrepreneurs! Whether you're shaking up online experiences or unleashing a strategic AF holiday collection, remember, you're not just selling products – you're selling a lifestyle and a mindset. So, go out there, break the mold, and make this holiday season yours. You've got the swagger, the strategy, and now the insider secrets. Now go slay!


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