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 Nǐ Hǎo

Welcome to The Paper Money, a unique learning platform transformed into a vibrant community for entrepreneurs and business owners. . Founded by Samantha Chepi and Frank Aswani, this platform is now nurtured and managed as a cherished family business by the Chepi family. Frank oversees operations, while Samantha leads as Chief Marketing Officer. Supporting them, Jacqueline-Sami's mom manages marketing, Alexandra Chepi contributes as our in-house writer, and Mr. Chepi strategizes to keep us innovative. Join our community where expertise and creativity come together to support every entrepreneur’s journey.

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My Story

You might think this is just another about page—a filler to convince you we're on the same side. We might not be, and that's okay. What matters more are our shared quirks: a relentless sense of humor, a knack for seizing the day, and a little rebellious streak. We're goal-driven dreamers, living life one challenging day at a time, always wishing for a bit more.

That's exactly why I championed The Paper Money. It began as a marketplace of possibilities and has evolved into a creator of opportunities. I refuse to be boxed into titles.

I'm not your coach or your teacher—let’s learn from each other. I wouldn't call myself an author, though I've penned most of our ebooks. What I am is a business owner and entrepreneur, just like you (hopefully). I've been at this for over a decade, and now at 26, I'm just getting started.

Today, The Paper Money is more than a business platform—it's a community playground. 

Sure, I'll share tips on making six figures, but more importantly, I want to offer you a safe space—

A place to share your journey.

A place where we can embrace both hardships and our own redefined successes.

A community where we laugh, make money, and yes, occasionally troll each other.


This is a community where laughter and making money meet, where we troll each other for fun but rally around when it counts. I can't teach you how to buy genuine support; I can only offer it. I can urge you to pause, cheer you on as you take risks, and listen when you share your thoughts.

I am here to be who I needed when I first started, the one you need to get started. 


People often ask, “Can you be more specific about what this is?”

Why be more specific when our eBook titles like "How to Sell T-shirts" say it all? (Yes, that was a joke.)

But in essence, if you're looking for a fresh perspective on business, if you need guidance in an industry tight on free advice, or if you seek to build a thriving business that nurtures your well-being—The Paper Money is where you need to be, the right place at any given time. 

But seriously, if you ever need a fresh take on business, hate the idea of costly advice, wonder how you can surpass your own business expectations, or need a good laugh after an absurd client dispute—if you’re looking for a business that supports you without breaking you down, come to The Paper Money.

To others, we might be just another meme. But to someone who really needs it, we're a moment of laughter. To some, we might just offer unsolicited advice. But for that one small business feeling stuck, we're a turning point.

For the skeptics, we might just be another digital product making promises. But for those who choose to connect with us, we strive to share insights gained from years of experience, with the hope of empowering better, more informed decisions.

To the rest of the world, we might seem insignificant ND our efforts might not stand out. But for someone out there, we hope to demonstrate that maintaining faith can be more powerful than giving in to defeat.

If you’re curious to understand our perspective better, consider exploring the first two bundles from our workbook section. At 23, I penned thoughts that might shift your perspective in unexpected ways.

Discover why at your own pace.


Explore our open pandora's box.

My Journey with The Paper Money: A Personal Timeline.

2018: The Birth of Our Vision
Alongside Frank Aswani, I (Samantha Chepi)  co-founded The Paper Money with the vision to transform how entrepreneurs learn and connect. It was our goal to build a platform that not only offered resources but also cultivated a vibrant community.

2019: A Milestone of Growth
TPM blossomed as we grew to multiple six figures. It was an affirmation that our hard work was resonating with our community, a sign that we were on the right path. It was a year of hard-earned success, marking our place in the entrepreneurial landscape.

2020: Challenged by Success
Our success became a double-edged sword as we found ourselves growing too fast. It was exciting but daunting, as we struggled to keep up with the pace we had set.

2021: A Time to Reflect
This was the year we faced our biggest test. We fell apart under the weight of our rapid expansion, which forced us to step back and re-evaluate.

Leaving The Paper Money: In a move to regain perspective, I made the difficult decision to leave TPM. It was a period of introspection and growth, a time to remember why I started this journey.

December 2023: A Renewed Vision
I returned to The Paper Money, bringing with me a renewed vision and a commitment to move forward with purpose and insight. It was then that The Paper Money truly transformed into a family business, embracing the values and closeness that only a family could offer.

Frank's New Role
With the new family-oriented direction, Frank transitioned to Operations Administrator, where his expertise could best ensure the smooth functioning of our growing platform.

2024: A Unified Direction
Embracing my role as Chief Marketing Officer with fresh eyes, I focused on revitalizing our brand and community connections. Jacqueline--my mother, as Marketing Manager, and Alexandra Chepi, as our in-house writer who is also a SEGi alumni, joined our ranks, while Mr. Chepi brought strategic innovation into our fold as our strategist and consultant. Mr. Chepi who is an engineer by profession, also has his own consultation company and caters to oil and gas clients. 

Today and Beyond: Today, every step we take at The Paper Money is about empowering entrepreneurs, fostering a sense of community, and sharing knowledge. The future is bright, and I am thrilled to continue evolving and inspiring alongside our community.

At The Paper Money, we provide exclusive content, networking opportunities, and expert insights tailored to entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey. Join us as we redefine what it means to be part of the entrepreneurial community.

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