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Before creating your content strategy, read this:

Oh man, I skipped out on using AI for my product description just to lose my mind in the end. I'm not saying AI is that good but I spent over an hour creating this product description when the AI could have given me something I would still make sales with but it just wouldn't sound like that. I do not talk like that...  

Product descriptions should be narrated. Like gourmet cookbooks, so vague yet so descriptive. It is like reading a story. Wouldn't you agree selling ebooks to people who don't read is wasting your time? They won't get you the way people who read. I might not read 300 pages in 7 days but I still read.

I'm not a genie. I don't make wishes come true. I also have wishes, you know? A private jet, the latest Maybach and a trip to the Maldives but I know I have to change the way I shout up in my business; publically and personally. You have to put in the work and understand the whole process. We don't microwave greatness. That's why you don't BBQ every day. It's a delicacy.  It's not something you want to over-consume quickly. I preach about being yourself and creating content, this is the last place I want to sound like a robot. I want people to know that they can show up as themselves and break society's standards. That's what this book is all about; unlearning content. Redefine what it means to be unapologetically YOU and show up as that person for your business. You already know what is a logical thing for a business to do but showing up as an imposter every single day is killing your hope. 

Learn how you can create the best strategy by showing up as yourself. 

Amazing things happen when you give yourself the chance to be great.

I wish my little story didn't get lost after safari just decided to refresh itself out of nowhere... I'll have to check for a tutorial later on how to make it stop but for now, thanks for your love for the past 4 years. You've taught us how to embrace our inner children, and show up as ourselves as we share meaningful content with each other. You have given me the confidence to show up here today right now as myself. It's not even unprofessional, we have set other people's standards for our businesses... that's why a lot of businesses lack soul. We can't be corporate. We're not there yet! The impact starts with us. Never dumb down your personality to fit the status quo. The status is overrated and you don't need to trap yourself in your mind all the time. Half of the things we're embarrassed about aren't even real. So what if people don't like your nails? So what if people think your personality is too loud? Optimizes your personality, choose colours, fonts and a tone that compliments the type of person you are, you then keep that voice alive by showing up as yourself. No filter. No lies. No wishful thinking. No expectations. The raw unfiltered you.


I don't need to tell you what's acceptable in marketing.  You already have an idea. This is raw unfiltered TPM and I am so glad to meet you... I can already tell we are going to achieve great things together. 

Unlearning Content


Welcome Back

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