Have you been wondering how you can start your own online business?


A lot of people want to learn how to set up their own websites without having to purchase them for huge amounts with little to no experience on how to manage them.


We're here to show you how, we will walk you through:


- The requirements before launching your own online store

- Factors to consider before getting a website

- Features you must learn

-  Pros and Cons of shopify

- Branding ideas

- Pages where you can purchase images to use on your website commercially

- Branding basics


Part 2 video will contain: 


- How to set up your own Shopify store 

- How to list products

- How to adjust prices

- How to Link oberlo to your store

Shopify Edition-How To Create Your Own Professional Website

  • Please allow 12-72 working hours for enrolment.

  • Only worksheet are available for download, things like podcasts and videos should be viewed on the provided platform.

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