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Whether you're a beginner or an experienced candle maker, our guide is designed for easy understanding and quick implementation. Learn the secrets of using social media not just to post, but to sell. We're spilling the tea on converting likes and shares into actual candle sales.


Say goodbye to the 'what do I do now?' blues and hello to a roadmap filled with laughter, 'aha!' moments, and, yes, real profits. 💸


Why You'll Love It:

  • Tailor-Made Strategies: This isn't your grandma's business guide. We're talking hip, effective strategies that speak your language.
  • Time-Savvy Tips: Got only 30 minutes between your college classes or day job? No sweat. Our guide is designed for the busy bee in you.
  • No Expertise? No Problem: Whether you're a candle newbie or a wax veteran, our guide walks you through each step with fun, easy-to-understand advice.


We're Unique, Just Like Your Candles! Our eBook isn't just about selling; it's about creating an experience. Learn the art of storytelling through your candles, and find out how to make your brand the one everyone can't stop talking about – all without breaking the bank.


What’s Inside This eBook:

  • Real Talk: None of that "just believe in yourself and it’ll happen" nonsense. We’re talking real, actionable strategies that even your skeptical cat would approve of.
  • Candle Biz Hacks: Discover how to make your candles the talk of the town (or at least the talk of Instagram).
  • Budget Branding 101: Create a vibe so luxurious, your customers will forget they’re just buying scented wax.
  • Product Ideas That Cash In: from product ideas like "Moroccan Bazaar"- A cultural candle with scents of spices, oud, and saffron, transporting you to bustling Moroccan markets to "Monet's Waterlilies"- An impressionist candlewith scents of water lilies, watermelon, and aquatic notes, reminiscent ofMonet's paintings. Told ya! We don't do basic. We make sure you stand out and sell out expeditiously...
  • Laughs Included: Because who said business guides have to be boring?


Got Doubts? We Got You:

  • Easy-Peasy Learning: Think this guide needs a business degree to understand? Nope! It's as easy as understanding your fave TikTok dance.
  • Time-Friendly: Only got 15 minutes a day between TikToks and life? Perfect. This guide fits into your life, not the other way around.


We get it. The candle market is crowded, and standing out is tough. However, "How to Sell Candles" is designed to be easily digestible, requiring minimal time commitment with maximum impact.  


Limited Edition Bonus:

Grab your copy now and we'll throw in an exclusive list of top-notch candle vendors. Plus, access to our secret weapon: a network of freelancers who are SO BADASS with labels, social media marketing, and more – all without needing to sell your kidney for their services.

Why Us?

Because we’ve been in the entrepreneur trenches too. We know what it’s like to wonder if your only customer will forever be your supportive mom (love you, mom!). Our advice? It's tried, tested, and mom-approved.


Candles + You + This eBook = 🔥 Business. Download now!


The Candle Revolution Wants YOU!

How To Sell Candles

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Welcome Back

    • Social Media Struggles: Are you posting pics of your beautiful candles but just getting likes, not sales? 😕
    • Marketplace Mayhem: Lost in a sea of candle sellers and struggling to stand out? 🌊
    • Pricing Puzzles: Pondering the perfect price point that attracts buyers and reflects your artistry? 💰
    • Scent Overload: Got more scents than you have customers? 🌸🍋
    • Branding Blues: Crafting candles but clueless about creating a brand that sticks? 🎨
    • Sales Slump: Are you watching candles gather dust instead of lighting up lives? 🕯️💔
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