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Sea moss is quite popular in the land of holistic living. The world is catching on to the wellness wave and they want all the good stuff. Luckily, we have all the gems so you dont have to keep digging. The industry keeps evolving and growing, the more we educate people on the benefits of certain things the more people become advocates. 


Commercial seaweed market to exceed USD $92 Billion by 2025 - Vegconomist: the vegan business magazine. The seaweed market includes sea moss.


What can you do with sea moss? I know you might say "but I'm not a wellness guru" 

Yeah well, if you have a skincare brand, you can incorporate sea moss into your skincare. From face washes to masks, think big. If you can scoop turmeric into your bar soaps and call it a day, imagine what benefits your customers can get from incorporating sea moss? Google, you will find sites like Byrdie touching for sea moss. 

People are just picking up on it now and soon enough it will be just like activated charcoal. Yeah remember when we had activated charcoal everything? 

Don't wait until people are over-hyping sea moss and build the hype yourself. The market is fresh and saturation is low. 


You can make skincare, haircare, body care, haircare and wellness products with sea moss. The choices are endless when you have a creative mind. 


We have listed a few vendors for you to help you get started, vendors from different countries with incredibly affordable prices and negotiable MOQs 

Sea Moss Vendor List

$75.00 Regular Price
$37.50Sale Price

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