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Everyone is selling merch these days, which is a good thing. The market is now catching up to different trends and we no longer have to buy generic t-shirts with slogans we wouldn't even say out loud.

The global custom t-shirt printing market was estimated at USD 3.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 4.3 billion in 2022. The merch industry could also be growing because people can now create their own concepts, and sell them to their supporters without having to acquire a high amount of capital. That means anyone with anything between $950 to $6000 can start their own brand selling merch centred around shared personal interests. If you love Game Of Thrones, you will start something that is inspired by the storyline. If you love cooking, you will create a niche and cater to a specific types of cooks with different personalities. It really depends on what you like and if people are willing to buy that item. If you are dedicated and committed to being the best, you could start with an easy $450. You have enough for samples, to plan a shoot, get a Wix website and run pre-orders. Coordination is key when you are creating pre orders, you have to give yourself time to produce your order and also include time for any type of inconvenience that might occur, and then add another week. 

People do not mind pre-ordering something they really like from you, you can even be generous and offer a freebie with every pre-order. Stay heavy on the marketing until after you deliver. Make sure you run enough ads, create enough TikTok and Instagram content and run your promo. The biggest mistake we tend to do, we relax before we even start to take orders. You cannot launch your site and take pre-orders same day. The website needs to be built, optimize your SEO, build a strong presence. If you cannot afford to have inventory all at once, you cannot afford to be lazy. If you slack, you will find yourself with angry customers and dispute charges. Focus on marketing. Don't put your foot off the gas. 

Anyways, these are conversations for another day, today I want to plug you with the best vendors for your merch business. 

Ready to start your own merch business? Grab our list with 4 vendors ready to accommodate your every need. 

They sell: Hoodies, Hats, Tshirts, Sweatshirts, Socks. All customisable.

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