You ever wondered how people are so quick to grow their businesses on Instagram? 

And what is even more strange is that they do not use any influencers?

That's because they pay for promo. 

What is an Instagram promo? It's when you pay a page with more followers than you to promote your business for you. You send them a post after paying them and they promote you. 


This workbook will show you how to create promos that make an impact and how to get the most out of your promo. 


A lot of people neglect this but wonder why they are always losing money when running promos. Promos are easy and effortless after you get a hang of them. 

We understand that trial and error is key, therefore all ebook purchases get 3 free promos with us for 2 months. (total of 6 promos)


This is a pre order. 

Instagram Promo Strategy

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