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Looking to save money on shipping your goods from China? We've sourced the best freight forwarding companies in the game and they will handle Amazon FBA, inspections and of course, shipping. They ship from China to Europe, Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, the UAE, Oman, the US and more. So whether you're starting your own logistics company or you're looking to save money on shipping from China, these are the freight forwarding companies for you!


What is a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a company that helps move goods between different points. They can help connect buyers and sellers, and help get the goods where they need to be as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Ready to get started? We have 10 companies for you to choose from!

Freight Forwarder Vendor List


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  • Everyone’s experience is different and we had an amazing experience with all of our suppliers. We do not control the suppliers and we do not tell them what to do so whatever incident you have with any of the supplier is not our fault. You are solely responsible for your own actions and only you carry the responsibility. We are here to help, update the list every month and help you collect samples if needed. We make annual trips to china, We can help you source items if need be.

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