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To make your eyes change color, it's not rocket science. They're called eye contacts. They come in every and single color. In 2017, the global contact lens market was valued at approximately 11.5 billion U.S. dollars, and is forecasted to reach to 19.45 billion by 2024. (Source: statista) 


From halloween to makeup artists, anyone who's interested can snag a pair of contacts online for as little as $15 to $50. 


You can be a part of this industry. We curated a list with vendors with amazing products ready to serve you and help you take your business to the next level.


That is why we created this vendor list, 12 vendors with over 30 options to choose from. It is more than enough to help you get started with your boutique or brand.

If you are looking for a vendor/factory that can handle wholesale orders, private label and custom orders this is a good start. Our factory contact list offers affordable pricing for any small business. We’ve partnered with some suppliers on Alibaba and some found locally in China to bring you good quality products. 

Our factory suppliers are mostly based in China.


This is a downloadable PDF that has: 12  factory contacts that provide Eye contacts. MOQ STARTS FROM 1 to 100 PIECES This contact list comes as whatsapp numbers, email addresses, alibaba profiles, wechat, Skype or normal telephone numbers so please make sure you install the apps needed to communicate.


We do not own rights to the images used on this product or any other product.

Eye Contacts Vendor List

$75.00 Regular Price
$37.50Sale Price

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