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The global party supplies market reached a value of US$ 12.1 Billion in 2021. IMARC Group expects the market to reach a value


Whether it is $1 billion or $12 billion, the fact that there is money in this whether you're actively participating or not is insane. 


Let's explore the opportunities here:

Well planned parties are nothing under $300, including rentals and all the good stuff. 


1. You can rent out party decor/equipment to event planners and event decorators. 

2. You can create new designs for other companies. 

3. You can use them for your own decorating company. 


All three ways make sure you win regardless. It doesn't matter if you're selling them to planners or you're renting them, you'll still make money. 


If you're renting them out, your rental prices start anywhere from $50/hour to $150/day. Location determines your pricing because the more people willing to pay more for your services the higher your price goes.


This list includes 2 vendors in China who supply backdrops, bar carts, flower walls and more. Ask for their catalogue to get a full picture. MOQ  ranges from 1 to 10 pieces and the price also ranges from $170 to $1,000. 

Event Decor Vendor: Bar Cart Edition


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