Dropshipping list is a combination of several contacts that deal with dropshipping, custom and purchasing services meaning they will source, shop and ship your Desired product from China. Charges vary from size/weight and destination but factories listed have promised fast and affordable shipping services.
One or two factories listed here also help with importing and customs declarations.
It is highly advised to get this list if you are into beauty, clothing or accessories.

Drop-Shipping Contact List

  • Everyone’s experience is different and I for one had an amazing experience with all of my suppliers. I do not control the suppliers and I do not tell them what to do so whatever incident you have with any of the supplier is not my fault. You are solely responsible for your own actions and only you carry the responsibility. I am here to help, update the list every month and help you collect samples if needed. I make annual trips to china, I can help you source items if need be.

For any media inquiries only, please contact:

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