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Start Texting Your Customers More, Be Less Corporate, Be More You.

As an ecommerce store, you're always looking for ways to stand out from the competition. One way to do this is to make your text marketing feel more exclusive.

There's no question that text marketing can be an effective way to reach out to potential and current customers. But if you really want to make an impact, you need to find ways to make your messages feel more exclusive

Text marketing can be a great way to connect with your customers and promote your brand, but it can also feel like a lot of work to keep up with. We are always on our phones, you know what that means?

Use exclusive language.

When you're sending messages to your list, make sure to use language that makes them feel like they're part of an exclusive group. For example, you might use phrases like "insider information," "early access," or "secret sale."

Personalize your messages.

With text marketing, you have the opportunity to reach out to each customer on a personal level. Take advantage of this by addressing them by name and customizing your messages to their specific interests. When you personalize your text messages, it shows your customers that you care about them and their experience with your brand. This could be as simple as including their first name in the message or sending them a birthday message.

Make it exclusive.

When you send a text message, make it feel like the customer is part of a special group. Use language that makes them feel special, include exclusive offers, and personalize your messages. By doing this, you'll make your text marketing feel more exclusive and stand out from the competition.

Timing is everything.

Sending your texts at the right time can make a big difference in how they're received. If you know your customers are busy during the day, try sending your messages in the evening or on weekends.

Keep it short and sweet.

No one wants to read a long text message, so keep your messages short and to the point. This will help ensure that your customers actually read your messages and don't just delete them.

Send messages at odd hours.

If you want your messages to feel truly exclusive, send them at odd hours when most people aren't expecting to receive them. This will help them stand out and grab attention.

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