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Copy This Airline's Selling Trick!

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

How you can implement certain marketing and selling techniques to boost your brand's revenue online.

Here are the marketing lessons I've learned from flying business class with Emirates...

I love traveling and whenever I can, I splurge on business class. When you're booking your economy flight, you often get the chance to upgrade your flight after booking. Which means you pay a certain amount of money for your upgrade after booking. Normally this ranges from $200 to $500 depending on the airline and season.

When you book economy, you get a free meal. You also have the option to shop for something on the flight and there are other perks like free entertainment and the option to pay for wifi. Business class has more perks, and the hostesses are more attentive with extra perks like hot chocolate, champagne, and so forth. You also get a toiletry kit for free.

Here's how you can apply an airline's marketing tactic in your business.

Tip #1 - Create an entry offer

For example:

Let's say The Paper Money has a wellness section and we sell candles and skincare.

This is how I'll implement Emirates marketing and branding strategy in my business

I create an entry offer- something similar to economy class. I'll choose an ebook about my next release called The light within.

An ebook about finding yourself and lighting your own path. A story about how I overcame my imposter syndrome. Not a piece of advice, just my story.

I'll create a series of content from excerpts from the book and run ads for them. I can either make it free or charge $0.55.

Why $0.55? It's as good as free and also I'll be collecting leads of actual buyers. Anyone willing to spend money with me is always willing to spend more. So it doesn't matter if it's a cent or $55.

Did they like my story? I'm sure they did. That's why they bought the ebook because they knew something would ignite a fire in their hearts. That's the whole point of my content.

Mind you, I've been using words like ignite, light up, fire up, and more throughout, pushing my audience towards a world of candles. They just don't know it yet.

The thing with marketing is that you don't need to make sense right now. You don't need to explain everything. It'll all make sense in the future. People often confuse selling and marketing. That's why when I said I don't dance on TikTok to sell my product, I really meant it. If I'm dancing it's because I love to. Not because I want you to buy my product.

Now after they've purchased my ebook, I'm assuming their departure date is nearing and I need to upsell my upgrade

the option before they take off. Timing is everything. If you keep someone waiting for too long, they'll end up forgetting about your ebook and possibly even your brand in general. So now I pitch my candle.

A free ebook now. I don't mind giving this for free because I know they're interested in more. Rather than making them pay another 55 cents, I'd rather just engage with them.

My first Ad will say, "don't let your fire burn out."

They will immediately understand that I'm talking about self-esteem and confidence because they know my brand's backstory.

People fail to understand why you're selling what you're selling because they don't see the reason behind it and if they fail to see it for themselves, they think you're just trying to keep the lights on. You immediately become a red flag.

So now, don't let your fire burn out and become a free lead magnet, encouraging people to love and have confidence in themselves, this can have useful tips and advice but also talk about certain things that help your nervous system.

Things that have inspired my next candle release, I get to talk about heritage, origins, and culture, share different stories and make it a nice fun feel good ebook for my prospects.

They'll immediately think, "I only spent $0.55, they're already sending me something else for free?"

They get to dive into your thought process and their imagination is at its finest. They're curious.

Tip #2 - Where I get more creative

The ebook doesn't talk about the candle, it just talks about the story behind the product, further expanding on my first $0.55 ebook.

It becomes something I use to talk about overcoming life.

Then I introduce my candle. It makes it easier for my audience to understand why I created this candle and they are willing to pay more for it because they understand my brand's message. We share the same values.

Your brand's values and mission statements aren't for you alone. It's a guideline to help you find people who share the same sentiment. That's how you get people who will stick by your brand no matter what.

Then you realize something if my candle is the upgrade to business class, how much are they paying for a business candle?

My candle is $59.99. My audience is willing to pay for it. But I can't sell any other candle for more than $65. I would need to put a lot of money into branding and marketing, it's just too much work for me right now so we adapt the airline method.

Usually, when you upgrade your business class seat, you don't get business class miles/points, free airport transfers and sometimes you don't get lounge access.

So here's the catch. I'm upselling my candles for $55 but I'm giving my audience 3 minis to try out. If they want the full-sized candles they'll have to pay $59.99 for each but they also get to enjoy free shipping on all orders. Does it get better? Yes, for full-sized options, my previous customers can personalize their jars free of charge because I use stickers, and I can always print them on my own.

Personalization comes at an extra cost for other people who weren't part of my leads.

This allows them to try out different scents and enjoy my brand's journey. Because they upgraded from the $0.55 ebook to $55 candles, they get extra things like stickers to remind them of the ebooks, marketing and branding are all about creating a pleasant and unique shopping experience. This will also allow me to build up hype for my full-sized candle release.

Tip #3 - First Class, Baby!

So what comes after the candle? First class, baby!

This is the big boy! The pricey money maker that allows me to charge whatever I want depending on what I'm willing to offer.

I will create a membership box. It's basically a subscription box but it gives them access to our members-only site that gives them access to "free" mental health resources.

Here I'll charge $450 per month.

"Oh but that's so expensive."

Yeah, so is first class.

Every month my customers get a range of goodies curated for their tastes. This includes tea, manuka honey, matcha tea, ashwagandha gummies, focus supplements, vitamin C supplements, collagen powder, etc

It's not a substitute for therapy but it eases them into it slowly.

Airlines love charging us for overweight bags and they also make money by making us buy points. It's just the same when you charge extra for personalization and custom gift wrapping. After traveling for years, I've come to appreciate how airlines strive to stay in business by *upselling* the shit out of everything.

And half the time, you don't even realize you're a product of a great marketing team. It makes you wonder, what if I just did that for my brand? Instead of paying for an ad for a mediocre flat-lay photo of my product, I can take the route that seems hella long but super fun!

Tip #4: Unique Experiences

Do you remember Expo2020? Dubai spent years marketing this event, this brought a lot of traffic to Dubai AND Emirates was fully booked back to back after Corona. So think about your brand, what kind of experience can you spend time investing in that will make your clients or customers fall in love with you even more? We think we must create pop ups and events right away but little do we know that time is the biggest resource if utilized it well.

Don't rush. Build customer loyalty with impeccable services, content and product placements. This gives you time to save up for something big. Something that will get new and old customers feeling special. Sure, one pop up could make you $10K but you could also wait for 5 to 7 years and earn $10M from one event. Don't underestimate the power of loyalty and time invested in the right things.

Did you enjoy this piece?

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