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Out of Office, Island Vibes?

We do not give ourselves the inner vote of confidence we seek from other people.”

-Le Me

The golden rays of the morning sun bathed the shores of Zanzibar in a warm embrace as I stepped off the ferry at around 8a.m. It was the beginning of a new day, filled with anticipation and a thirst for adventure. The air was thick with the scents of the ocean and exotic spices, a sensory invitation to immerse myself in this tropical paradise.

Though my body longed for rest after the journey, my spirit yearned for exploration. I couldn't resist the allure of this captivating island, beckoning me with its promise of respite and discovery. The fatigue that clung to my bones was momentarily forgotten as I embraced the energy pulsating through the streets of Stone Town, I get why it’s a UNESCO heritage site for sure.

As the day unfolded, I found that the change of scenery was a tonic for my weary soul, infusing me with a renewed sense of vitality. It was as if each step I took on the sandy beaches and winding alleyways of Zanzibar washed away the burdens of my everyday life.

In the midst of my journey, a long-time Instagram friend was waiting for me. Have you ever had an internet friend who supported your ventures from the beginning? That was her. She has her own business as well so we share a lot of similar interests. We had arranged to meet for brunch, a meeting that made me realize something. She said something that really stuck with me, “I do not engage in conversations that aren’t for me” it was how she said it that made me realize that if you want to be the person that tries to be on both of sides of the coin as a business owner, you’ll cease to exist. You can’t want to build a fulfilling business and do everything that makes you feel emptier as days go by. We might not realize it but we become emptier when we engage in conversations that aren’t meant for us.

So, as we sat down to enjoy pizza together, the conversation flowed effortlessly. Words danced between us, carried on the gentle breeze that whispered through the palm trees, content was taken by the way (Are you taking a break without a photo? Did it even happen?).

In that moment, surrounded by the beauty of Zanzibar, we spoke of life and its myriad wonders. Perspectives shifted, and I found myself seeing the world through a new lens.

The realization dawned upon me, like the vibrant colors of a Zanzibari sunset, that running a business was nothing short of a miracle. Regardless of its size, the act of leading a team and forging one's own path was a testament to the resilience and audacity of the human spirit. It is a delicate art form that blends the practicalities of strategy with the boundless passion that resides within.

In the world of business, countless individuals witness their businesses crumble, succumbing to the relentless tides of circumstance. Some are denied even the opportunity to embark upon their entrepreneurial journey, their visions snuffed out before they have a chance to breathe life into them. Yet, here I stood, a testament to perseverance and resilience, humbled by the realization of the privilege I possessed. To be able to form something in real life from a fragment of my imagination, that’s crazy. We don’t realize how crazy it is to wake up one morning and decide you want to sell lipgloss to boss babes in their 30s and 40s. The market might be saturated to some but not everyone ever thinks of that and not a lot of people make it happen. We under value our ability to pour life into our own ideas.

We do not give ourselves the inner vote of confidence we seek from other people.

To run a profitable business, I realized, went beyond the world of mere strategy. It required a deep understanding of oneself, an unwavering commitment to growth, and an insatiable hunger to learn. No amount of content creation or relentless selling could replace the essence of true prosperity found within, which encompassed not only financial gain but emotional and mental well-being.

To conquer your mind, you conquer your reality-I do not know where I heard it from but I loved how much it related to my situation because I often found myself dealing with a business that has outgrown me. I was entering new levels and facing new devils all too quickly.

Yet, it was all too easy to fall into the trap of starvation. The ephemeral allure of social media, with its relentless demands for content creation and constant selling, could easily lead one astray. Like a wanderer lost in a barren desert, we learn to survive on what little sustenance we can find, unaware of the toll it takes on our overall health. The temptation to push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion, fueled by a few spare dollars may momentarily satiate our hunger, but it is only when we are consumed by the flames of burnout that we truly grasp the urgency for change. Exhaustion, in all its encompassing might, becomes the catalyst for much needed soul searching. It is during these moments, when our weary souls cry out for respite, that the possibility of a different path unveils itself.

"Oh, things can be done differently," I murmured to myself as I watched the turquoise waves that crashed against the shore. It was a whispered vow, a commitment to myself and my business. I resolved to seek a path that honored both my ambitions and my well-being, understanding that success and self-care were not mutually exclusive. It would require courage, resilience, and a willingness to venture into the unknown.

As the day in Zanzibar drew to a close, the exhaustion that had initially greeted me resurfaced with a vengeance. Yet, nestled within the weariness was a newfound spark, an ember of determination that refused to be extinguished. With each step I took towards rest and rejuvenation, I carried with me the lessons learned amidst the breathtaking beauty of this island.

Zanzibar had not only offered me a change of scenery but had also kindled a fire within, reminding me of the immense privilege and responsibility of leading a business. It was a journey that went beyond the realm of strategy and profit, embracing the complexities of the human experience. And as I closed my eyes, the echoes of Zanzibar's enchanting whispers remained etched in my heart, guiding me towards a future where business and well-being walked hand in hand.

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