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Here's Why You Have Not Made Any Sales Today:

Hakuna matata though, you got this!

You're feeling a little frustrated today. You've spent hours on your laptop, and you haven't made a single sale. It's not like you haven't tried: you've been posting engaging social media content all day long, and you even wrote an amazing blog post that is sure to get lots of shares. But so far, nothing has worked. You wonder how other people can make sales so easily. Maybe it's just because they're better at marketing than you are? Maybe there's some secret technique for making sales that works every time? Or maybe... there's something else going on here?

No Target Audience

Let's face it. You have not made any sales today because you do not have a target audience.

You need to know who your target audience is and understand what they want and how to reach them.

But first, let me tell you about one of my former clients...

No Engaging Content

You know what's hard to share? A boring sales pitch. You know what's easy to share? Something so engaging it makes people want to respond, buy something or follow up.

The key here is understanding that engagement isn't about putting the most words on a page. It's about creating content that compels your reader to keep reading and take action from there. With this in mind, you can write less but get more results by focusing on making sure your message meets these criteria:

  • Delivers value from start to finish - Your readers should walk away with something useful after reading each piece of content you publish. Maybe it's a new insight or strategy, maybe it's an idea for actionable next steps...but whatever it is, make sure there's something for them at the finish line!

  • Speaks directly to their needs - For example, if someone comes across one of my articles looking for tips on LinkedIn strategies (which happens often!), I'll meet their expectations by providing those tips first along with real-life examples of how they worked out well in other situations where people used them successfully before moving onto other topics related but not necessarily relevant just yet...and then back again when prompted later down the road based off how much information either one has accumulated while still keeping everything focused around LinkedIn because that was why they initially found me (i..e., search engine optimization).

No Desire to Purchase

People purchase according to their emotions. The emotional trigger is what drives people to buy, and what makes people want to buy. You need to understand that in order for someone to purchase something from you, they have to first feel the desire to do so.

So how do we create this desire? Well, we need a strong emotional trigger in our sales copy


No Emotional Trigger

The human brain is a complex machine. Our emotions drive our actions and behaviors more than any other aspect of our lives. This is a simple fact that has been proven in numerous studies, but it's also something we seem to forget when we're trying to sell something or make a sale.

Why do you think no one buys your product? Is it because people are cheap and don't want what you have? Or maybe because they don't care about the problem you solve? It's possible, but probably not true in most cases. I'll give you a hint: it has very little to do with how good your product actually is (even if they need one).

When someone sees an ad for something—especially an ad on Facebook—they are immediately distracted by their emotional response to the advertisement itself before they even begin thinking about whether or not they need/want what's being advertised.* If there isn't an emotional trigger in place, then no one will care enough about your ad to take action on it!

To make sales, you need each of these.

To make sales, you need each of these. You can have a target audience and engaging content all day long, but if your potential customers don’t have the desire to purchase or are not emotionally triggered by what you offer, there will be no sales.

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If you want to make sales, you need each of these. Your target audience should be defined and clear. Your content has to be engaging and compelling so that people will share it with others and want more of what they see in your brand. There needs to be a desire to purchase something from your business so that it's worth spending time creating a product or service for them; otherwise, why bother? And finally, there needs to be some sort of emotional trigger that brings about the desire for change (such as being overly stressed out).


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