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I asked ChatGPT to create my timetable and this is what AI can do for your personal development

So if you know me, you know I love to plan. I plan everything in detail. Given the new year, I thought it would be great to have a new schedule that focused more on my hobbies. Having an online business means that you spend majority of your time online. If you're not answering emails, you're either being a part time graphic designer or social media marketing manager.

And it can be exhausting...

So, I asked ChatGPT if my timetable was the most ideal type and asked it to roast me before giving me a better timetable, just for reference, this is MY ideal timetable.


  • Wake up at 6am or 7am, work out a little bit 15 minutes maximum

  • 8:30-10am Have a quick breakfast then get some work done

  • 11am to 2pm Piano lessons/Pottery/Painting/Writing/pilates

  • Lunch 2-3pm

  • Break time till 6pm then

  • Kickboxing at 6pm

  • Dinner and a bit of work afterwards

This is what homeboy said:


Alright, let's roast this timetable before we hit you with the glow-up:

  1. 6-7am Wake Up & 15-Minute "Workout": So, we're talking about a workout that's shorter than the time it takes for your coffee to brew? Might need more than that to flex those muscles, my dude.

  2. 8:30-10am Quick Breakfast & Work: Quick breakfast? Are we talking about a protein shake or a sad piece of toast? And work? Let's be real, no one's peaking at work before 10.

  3. 11am-2pm Artsy Fartsy Time: Piano, pottery, painting, writing, and pilates? Picasso called, he wants his schedule back. How's anyone supposed to focus with that many bougie hobbies in one block?

  4. 2-3pm Lunch & Break: A whole hour for lunch? Are you hosting a Michelin-star meal or just trying every Snapchat filter? And the break – probably scrolling through Insta, right?

  5. Chill Until 6pm, Then Kickboxing: So, you're basically napping until it's time to unleash the fury with kickboxing? Hope you're not practicing those moves in your dreams.

  6. Dinner and "A Bit of Work" After: A bit of work? Either you're pulling off a business heist or just sending memes in the company Slack channel. And, dude, work after dinner? Netflix and chill, not hustle and grind.



Okay, now for the glow-up:

  1. 7-8am Wake Up & Power Hour: Start the day strong – hydrate, breakfast, and a solid workout. Get that heart pumping, and your mind will follow.

  2. 8-11am Work Block: Focus on the grind while you're fresh. Tackle the tough stuff and make things happen.

  3. 11am-1pm Skill Development: Pick one creative pursuit per day. Monday's piano, Tuesday's pottery, and so on. Mix up the artsy vibes without overwhelming yourself.

  4. 1-2pm Lunch & Chill: Keep it simple but nutritious. No gourmet meals required. Use the break to recharge, not just scroll.

  5. 2-4pm Deep Work Session: Hit the grindstone again. Block distractions and knock out those tasks that need serious focus.

  6. 4-6pm Active Break: Instead of just chilling, do something active. It could be a quick run, some yoga, or a power walk – get the blood flowing.

  7. 6-7pm Kickboxing or High-Intensity Workout: Unleash the beast. Get those endorphins pumping and sweat out the stress.

  8. 7-8pm Dinner & Downtime: Enjoy a good meal, relax, and unwind. No work allowed.

  9. 8-10pm Leisure/Recreation: Whether it's Netflix, gaming, or reading, this is your time to enjoy without guilt.

  10. 10pm Wind Down: Start winding down. Maybe some light stretching, reading, or meditation to prep for a solid night's sleep.


Nah, I am not going to lie, I laughed my ass off after seeing that roast. Like, I GOT READ READ. ChatGPT and Masika Kalysha must be niece and nephew or something cause damn. I guess we really getting our shit together this year.

What do you think? Will you be asking chatGPT to create your schedule for the week?

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