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Successful business owner wants you to remember how to sell your product

Welcome to our Sales Tactic series inspired by our newest bundle deal out now, available on our website

You wake up in the morning and you realize, PayPal is drier than the Sahara Desert, DMS? LOW VIBRATIONAL. Hotel? trivago. Website is collecting cobwebs and you've only been asleep for 5 hours, trying to post while you are half awake.

Bruh... Been there, done that, not doing that shit again.

It's easy to forget about your audience when you're busy running your business. But it's important to remember that they exist and that they're the reason you're able to do what you do. You need to remind them why you're the best candidate out there, like Politics... A whole lot of campaigning and we all know there are candidates who deserve more recognition but aren't doing enough to be seen or heard. If you're a small business owner, then you know how important it is to keep your customers happy. One way to do that is to remind them of your product or service, and why they should shop with you.

For example, if you offer fast express shipping, then remind your customers that they'll get their purchase quickly when they shop with you. Or if you have a quick turnaround time, let them know that they won't have to wait long for their order. You know that time is money.

You also know that your customers are always looking for the quickest, most convenient way to get what they need. That's why you offer fast shipping, quick arrivals, and instant loyalty. I mean who doesn't like it when they order things and get them in 2 hours LOL.

I'm a small business owner, and I know that I need to purchase your product. I'm not sure if I can afford it, but I know that I need it. I'm reminded by you to purchase your product because I saw your reel about your behind the scenes, and it made me want to get your product.

If your customers know they'll get what they want right away, they're more likely to shop with you again in the future. Remind your customers that they can always count on you for the best products and services around. Whether they need something fast or want to be able to shop without leaving their home, you're always there to make their shopping experience perfect. You can remind them in a number of ways, such as sending them an email, placing a reminder on your website, or even running ads on Instagram. Another great way to remind your customers to buy your product is to send out periodic emails. You can include a link to your product page in your email signature, or even write a short blurb about your product in the email itself.

When you remind your customers to purchase your product, you're not only helping them to make a purchase, but you're also helping to build a relationship with them. This is important because it shows that you care about their business and that you're interested in helping them feel good. So don't forget to remind your customers of your product or service, and why they should shop with you. It's the best way to keep them happy and coming back for more.

Before you go, I have one TIP out for you and you might want to pull out your notebook and take notes because this is major. Ever heard of FOMO? Let's talk about it...

FOMO: Focus on what they are missing out on by not booking your services or

purchasing your product. The tables turn when you are not asking people to see your

value. Don’t give them the chance to rethink. They should desire your brand's presence in their lives because it elevates their experience, whether they need them or not, and you need to deliver this experience in the nicest, non salesy way possible.

For example:

Ad A: “After this cocktail, your life will never be the same again.”

You can’t tell the

story if you haven’t tried it.

B: “Happy Hour Cocktails at Jameson bar from 5pm. Bring a friend”

The example may not hit you at first but read through A and B and now apply other

businesses, another example would be:

Ad A: “This hair oil has 7 ingredients that are beneficial to your hair and scalp.”

Ad B: “Do you think you are going bald because of all the hair fall? We know Rapunzel doesn’t feel the same anymore”

One thing I learnt about running ads is that, it is all about grabbing someone's attention. Get them curious. You can't afford to be boring! You may of course want to keep the sentences short if you plan on publishing that as a Facebook or Instagram Ad. It is crucial to let people know where they stand, what

to expect and what you are offering. Kill two birds with one stone and balanced feet.

Then adding your free shipping offer and always have dollars to spend in the AM cause inventory needs to be paid. In that order, see you next time.

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