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One Tip To Help You Make More Sales On Instagram: No Bullshit.

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Let's cut to the chase, no more sending DMs and posting consistently to subtle worship the algorithm spirits of instagram. The one you can't see but they're always haunting you when you open your app. I am sharing with you ONE tip that helped me make over $100K using Instagram alone in less than one year. The fact that it's so easy, you'll freak out.

The secret gurus won't tell you: PROMOS. No facebook ads, no Instagram ads, no hashtag strategy and absolutely no stressing over the algorithm. You only need an amazing content strategy to help you generate leads overnight.

Promos are nothing new in the industry. It is like a paid shoutout and you are in charge of what is posted. I love paying for promos because these pages already have my target audience narrowed down. I know what they like and what they engage with more. It does take a bit of trial and error but you also learn from the content they post. You have to adapt accordingly.

What are Instagram Promos?

Promos stand for promotion(s).

It is when you pay someone, particularly a page to promote your business or account for you. Think of it like a shoutout.

How much is it?

Different pages charge differently according to their engagement. However it is so important to note that your promo's engagement depends on your content and caption. It is not up to the page. They are promoting what you have to offer to their audience. Different promos have different prices for example story posts, reels and feed posts will have different pricing.

Regardless of the pricing, it is important to note that as a beginner, you want to choose 6 to 12 hour promo posts. When you pay for a 4 hour post, it stays up for 4 hours upon which it is then deleted.

Another way to get interaction would be to speak on any controversial topic that has any relation to your brand. This will have have people on their keyboards. You can also ask people questions that are either very taboo or very risqué.

For example:

"If you had one way of preventing cancer, would you take it?"

- "If yes, try our holistic/ natural approach XYZ bundle priced at $$$"

Do you see now how this would perform better than just posting a random picture of your product?

We obviously cannot be posting all day everyday, a hundred times a day. That is why we use promos to run ads. Promos are like a small sales team on Instagram selling your products or services.

The best promos are simple, catchy and they leave a good impression on people.

The best way to do leave a good impression is to give out free tips and education. A lot of people do not like feeling like they are being sold to.

Stop selling and start educating; your marketing will be much more effective if you focus on what the consumer needs even without making a purchase. Your brand should offer solutions to problems your target audience has.

Given the pandemic, a lot of people are super sensitive to clickbait and cringe headlines, so make sure you are soft-spoken without sounding condescending.

Remember when Drake's album came out? Every brand came out with their own remix. You need to stay on high alert for these trends because they will raise a lot of awareness for your brand without doing too much. People like to be entertained and trends keep them entertained. For example, when people were doing the crate challenge, you could have done one too but holding your product or having in your pocket outside, making people wonder why and have the caption say "these challenges are insane but so are our products!"

You do not even need certain ads to make sense, they just have to create a conversation. That is all you need. A conversation to spark interest.

You need to evoke emotions and that comes from sparking conversations. If you are causing conversations and commotions, you are evoking emotions and you know that your promo is fairing well.

Evoking emotions can be putting a smile on someone's face, sharing a piece of information they never knew about, sharing a tip they might have not known about before. It is simple really, emotions are not that complex.

The first mistake people do when they run a promo is including images that do not attract people's attention. I do not need to analyze your ad like I am performing an autopsy to know what you are selling and sometimes a picture of you holding your products won't really entice me to purchase.

Let me give you an example:

I own a candle company that has the best candles with amazing health benefits. However holding my candle in the sun won't necessarily make Lisa in Atlanta want my candle.

When you nail down the content, after a few trial and errors of course... you need to know what your audience from different pages like. The worst mistake is creating generalized content hoping to find everyone. You can't serve everyone. Find your tribe.

However content like this is most likely to catch someone's attention, the power is in the storytelling. Your content has to tell a story. Most people think you have to tell YOUR story in order for people to relate however it has a lot more to do with what they can relate to vs what you can relate to. Sometimes what you can relate to isn't something your target audience is interested in.

A lot of people try to overthink the process but have fun. Trial and error until you find your rhythm. Do not try to be another brand. Be yourself and people will find you appealing. Authenticity is rare. Cherish being different and do not despise humble beginnings.

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