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How To Make Money As A Realtor in 2023 : More Ways To Generate Income

How real estate agents can market themselves and make money throughout the process.

A real estate agent is a person who helps people buy or sell property. They are also known as a real estate broker. Most agents work for a real estate company, but some are self-employed. Real estate agents typically work on commission, which means they earn a percentage of the property's sale price.

I wake up every day in the morning and I mourn for all realtors across the globe. Even the ones with a huge platform & a loyal audience.

It sounds dramatic because losing the money you've not made yet is very painful and it's like why do people go through that willingly?

I'll tell you why. Repetition.

We are learning from people who aren't doing the game justice. We practice what we have learned and we perfect a blueprint that prints no money.

We've already decided to go through the hustle and stress out over shit like marketing, sales, and sometimes the algorithm. Why not just make money from every corner so when things slow down, we still have room to level up?

Real estate agents, especially the ones in the luxury industry don't know how to utilize their time and resources to make the most out of their business.

As an agent, you have access to listings and a network of developers who love to see value in the industry.

Developers like pairing up with people who can sell their vision the way you want them to. Customers love buying the vision as much as realtors like selling it. So how are you not blowing up with purchase requests yet?

As an agent you know the power of staging, when you stage a house so well it naturally just sells itself and you also know the power of accessories. Now tell me why you haven't started your own line of accessories?

Instead of cold-calling people for leads, and showing up dressed like money to make yourself look presentable, why don't you just put that effort into making more money? People gravitate towards money. When you have it, everyone wants to brag about your success.

So here's how you can do it:

Create a product you can easily sell without too much work. Like candles or journals. Whatever theme you're into, center your product around the houses you sell. That becomes your niche and then your customers become the people who like the type of houses you're into selling.

You have access to a lot of home decor stores that stage homes for sale, and you can always strike up a deal to have some of your products sold at their location. Realtors who know the importance of building good working relationships understand how to negotiate.

The products you sell can be gifted to sellers and buyers as a token of appreciation. Realtors usually go above and beyond to gift their clients designer gifts and while that is a good touch, you need to personalize it even more.

Something to touch on home decor like a designer body care set and cups etc to compliment your product and your client's lifestyle.

You're slowly building a portfolio for your realtor brand if I'm selling luxury houses to people. I want people to know I am selling these houses because I know more about luxury in real life. It's not just a memorized script about the tiles and the foyer being inspired by Rome. Like I want to place myself as the negotiating factor.

I am the business. In Zeina's words...

his allows me to grow and understand aspects of the real estate industry in real life AKA I'm learning from experience on my own terms.

As a real estate agent, turning houses into homes is the number one marketing strategy. You get to make your client imagine how life would be inside the house and sometimes while some people are willing to contact you and purchase right away, others might need a little more convincing.

There are a lot of different types of home buyers in the industry right now and you honestly cannot be bothered to attract everyone HOWEVER there is a need to generate leads.

Cue in your vacation rental experience. You can start with one, and really turn that blank empty space into a full-blown luxury experience. You can even ask your favorite home decor brand to collaborate with you into creating this space for you. Not only does this sell the product you have under your brand, but you also get to charge based on the type of houses you sell. So if you sell houses above $2M then you could price your rental at $1500+ per night. Given your location is in a good place, you'll always have bookings. A lot of content creators, influencers, and even your fellow realtors will be booking that experience. How cool is that?

This also allows you to tap into the vacation rental market and people will start inquiring about purchasing one for themselves too. If you could make money from this, they want a piece of that pie too. More people are inclined to contact you and let me tell you, no freaking cold calls. I hate phone calls with my life. They are a waste of time and half the time you have to go through so many people to find the right 2 to 4 clients willing to make a purchase. Why not meet your buyers halfway?

Being the best doesn't always have to translate into the number of houses you sold or the value of your portfolio because when you're starting out, those things take time and practice.

I know you can do it the traditional way but how long will that take as a beginner in a cut-throat industry? I would rather do it my own way, build my own style of selling and make money from every lead I generate. That's why we generate leads.

It all starts with one product experience. Which one are you looking to start with? Candles or journals? Check out our list of vendors here


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