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6 Ways To Package Your Products with Less Than $50

So we see brands like Kylie Cosmetics and you instantly feel like shit because you feel like you could never top it off.

Well you do not have to top it off, different levels have different devils. You have to deal with your own and work with what you have.

1. Printing out labels at your local stationary/supply store is one of the easiest ways you can label your products without having to buy a printer.

Also buying boxes or envelopes from Amazon or your local supply store also helps with boosting your brand. I still package my products in Kraft food bags. No Shame in that.

2. You do not have to have a specific or complex theme/look so that your brand can stand out. Do not focus on the packaging and focus on your product. As long as it is of good quality, people will adjust!!

NB: You can include small items that add sentimental value to your packaging...

see examples below

These stickers add a more loving touch to your packaging, there are many designs on amazon starting from $10 or less and they come in a roll so you probably have 50 to 100 stickers to play around with. I love these stickers because they are so easy to use, they have a nice look to it and you do not have to spend a lot on buying, you might get charged for shipping depending on where you are but the cost per sticker is still relatively low.

you can shop the stickers here

You can use cellophane wrap to package your products, it gives it a more personal touch- like sending out a gift to someone, it shows that you care. Cellophane also gives transparency and someone can see what you've packed inside. If I may be honest, most people find the cellophane cheap but if you are on a budget you have to make it work. maybe get a few small woven baskets or even spray paint a plastic/paper cup/bowl gold/black/any color and put your products in there. Top that off your DIY ribbon and the sticker above and you are really killing the game. You can buy cellophane here:


There are some pretty cute boxes you can find on amazon:

Like this

They are high-quality recyclable paper gift boxes, they are called Mesha Giftboxes and they come in a pack of 50, please check for the sizes before buying, you always want to make sure you are getting the right size. If you do not know the right size, always take an old box measure it- this way you know how big/small you need your boxes to be. You can shop the boxes here

I love celebrating Christmas, I love celebrating almost any holiday. You know what I love more? When small brands take the initiative to brand their packaging for the holidays. I know I am not the only one to appreciate the effort. These mailer bags are not expensive either, $10 for 100 pieces! It is a true bargain.

Shop them now

So maybe Grinch stole your Christmas, but these waterproof bubble mailers should steal your heart. They already have thank you printed on them so you might not need the stickers after all.

However these come in a pack of 50 and are going for almost $11, they are really cute and feminine in my opinion, I would recommend you to choose more neutral colors if you care about color as much.

Remember to always check for the sizing before ordering.

You can purchase these mailers over here

These bad boys come in different shapes and sizes, they come in different colors as well but this particular design and color start from $20 and they go up to $35. You can use this for body butter, body scrubs, any powder product, you can use these for homemade snacks or dried herbs and spices, you can use this for tea or coffee. Even though the price is slightly higher for someone with a $50 budget, you get 100 pieces, with a proper selling price, you are making some more off this . You can purchase these from

If you are on a tight budget, you can always handwrite your own personal thank you notes, you can always work with normal envelopes from your local supply store or supermarket. Being a business owner is really all about being creative and working with the little that you have. If you own a business and you are not sure of how to even plan your business, how to plan your pricing or what product to release, you can purchase our business planner below:



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Frank Aswani
Frank Aswani
Dec 17, 2018

Thank you ❤️❤️🙏🏾


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