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I've been using chatGPT to brainstorm tons of marketing concepts and ideas...

Would you like a freebie with all the 25 prompts I used to brainstorm upcoming campaigns?


I thought I would share something I’ve seen people charge for, nothing wrong with charging for your time but prompts are not necessarily the key to a unique AI response, at least not with the free version of ChatGPT.


I am not a CHATGPT tech bro therefore my prompts are based on my experience and what allows my business to breathe and grow. Because I do not use ChatGPT as my one and only workforce it is easier for me to create prompts that add value to my pre-existing ideas, which is still VERY helpful for me and my workflow. Instead of busting my last brain cells at 3AM, I ask ChatGPT to add on to my initial thoughts, it's like Googling or browsing Pinterest in less than 5 minutes.


The platform has a lot of data mining to do before we can consider it a powerhouse for small businesses because it can get very generic very fast. 


However, it’s such a great way to bounce off ideas and get a fresh outlook when your brain is tired and you just need a pick-me up.

GPT Prompt Guide


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